Inspection & Consulting Services for EPC Projects and organizations.

Supplier capability Assessment, Supplier Audit, Quality control inspection, vendor inspection & expediting during the project purchasing activities. This service also includes, but not limited to engineering inspection, stage wise inspection as per Quality control plan at the vendor’s premises & construction sites.
TecnicaServ has an extensive database of professional and experienced inspectors based all over the globe that can be called upon to perform Inspection and Expediting Services in and out of country at short notice. We believe this gives our Clients a fundamental advantage where local vendor/client knowledge, working practices and language can be a significant impactor on successful project delivery. This is also advantageous when the requirement is immediate and travel time/expense is limited. TecnicaServ can also utilize its partner network enabling greater requirement coverage.

Supplier Capability Assessment

Screen and evaluate for quality and technical to verify the safety and reliability of procured goods or equipment, buyers must be sure that Suppliers comply with quality requirements and have capabilities that manufacturing processes are in accordance with applicable standards and regulations. In today’s globally-linked world, international Suppliers and subcontractors provide products to clients thousands of miles away, making it difficult for foreign buyers to evaluate manufacturing processes taking place on different continents. We support you with Supplier and subcontractor audits designed to prove the reliability of both potential and current suppliers. Our on-site Supplier assessment services help you to ensure that your quality expectations and compliance requirements are met globally and along the entire supply chain. As an independent party, our experts at TecnicaServ Group can make sure that the Supplier is able to deliver products which meet the required quality and are in conformance with applicable standards in the requested time.


A technical audit is performed as part of the Supplier assessment. This audit is conducted against client or project specific requirements and/or according to TecnicaServ Group ’s own assessment scope. In addition, an extended version of the Supplier audit can be performed that includes an assessment of the existing Suppliers’ quality management system. YOUR BENEFITS AT A GLANCE TecnicaServ Group ’s Supplier capability assessment services offer you:

  • Detailed information on potential and existing Supplier’s capabilities.
  • Special knowledge based on our long-standing history and experience.
  • Extensive experience gained from international projects in numerous countries.
  • Results which will be delivered in a Quality and Technical Assessment report.

Together with the buyer, we complete a technical questionnaire based on each supplier’s profile, references, and a list of specific characteristics. Each questionnaire is based on but not limited to:

  • Company profile and references
  • Production range and process
  • Production capability and capacities
  • Resources
  • Infrastructure and transport

After thorough planning and coordination, our auditors assess the provided documentation and evaluate the following areas at Supplier sites:

  • Supplier Responses
  • Quality management systems Manual
  • Organizational structures
  • Personnel and qualification
  • Manufacturing processes / standard operating procedures
  • Workshop facilities and techniques

According to the results of the Supplier audits, we provide a customized evaluation of qualification ranges based on a traceable and non-discriminating objective evidences in order to qualify suppliers according to their performance and outlining potential areas of weakness and bottlenecks. This evaluation report provides the following data:

  • Suppliers range of qualifications according to their performance and objective evidences verified during visit
  • Outline of potential risks during the upcoming prequalification phase
  • Identification of areas of weaknesses and potential bottlenecks CON CLUS ION Our experts prequalify global suppliers based on the evaluation matrix, preparing a bidder’s shortlist of capable suppliers prior to purchase. Additionally, it is possible to identify sub-standard suppliers and give recommendations to help them improve quality to an acceptable level.

Ensure defect free on-time delivery of materials and equipment. We provide source inspection services at supplier and vendor sites for manufacturers, owners and other stakeholders to verify that the equipment or goods have been manufactured in accordance with a client’s specifications and other applicable quality system requirements as specified. Our expediting service adds value to your projects through the inspection of manufacturers and assessment of manufacturing production plans and capacity. Our comprehensive expediting services help you to avoid delays and ensure compliance with contractual conditions and specifications as well as applicable international codes and standards.


As an independent, objective technical advisor, we help verify new manufacturing, fabrication and construction by:

  • Reviewing purchase order documentation, inspection & test plans and procedures
  • Verifying that vendors and manufacturers are in compliance with client specifications and industry standards
  • Witness NDE, pressure, performance and acceptance testing
  • Ensure vendor uses competent personnel, calibrated equipment and prepares the quality records progressively. CONSTRUCTION INSPECTIONS We offer complete oversight to construction activities for Owner’s by:
  • Review of key drawings and field inspection & test plans
  • Monitor field engineering, erection, installation and mechanical completions activities
  • Monitor stored materials and preservation activities § Oversight to start up, commissioning and initial operations

Vendor Surveillance help clients to ensure?

  • Materials and equipment meet required standards needs
  • Start-up delays are avoided § Re-work or replacement of components is minimized
  • No production loss time § No compromise with safety and quality requirements
  • Project schedule is maintained and shut down risk is eliminated EXPEDITING STAFF Our expediting staff has worked closely alongside vendors and sub-vendors for years. This allows us to identify typical scheduling problems and obtain accurate and prompt information critical to our client requirements. We maintain electronic communication with vendors and also conduct in-plant visits to assure accurate information is collected. Our expediting plans are developed by:
  • Defining client requirements
  • Identifying vendors & sub-vendors
  • Determining all members crucial to the project
  • Structuring a program specific to our client needs
  • A logical reporting system for our clients
  • Gathering all relevant and required data VENDOR COORDINATION Prior to the start of manufacturing, PSG makes contact with vendor and sub-vendor representatives to explain our client’s project requirements. All procurement documents are reviewed, including purchase orders, specifications & procedures vendor quality plans and approved drawings.

Expediting Reports are organized in a clear, concise format and submitted promptly to our clients. Reports are electronically transferred to our clients within 24 hours of vendor contact. In addition to Individual Reports we provide a Project Status report that summarizes all activities at each location we visit, including both vendors and sub-vendors. COMMUNICATION WITH VENDOR When in-plant expediting visits are to be conducted, QAE Inc. contacts the proper vendor staff and determines the frequency of necessary visits. By reviewing vendor plans & procedures, we resolve scheduling issues before they become a problem. DETERMINE CRITICAL SCHEDULES Critical Schedules for each vendor order are then identified. These may include: Purchase order release to sub-vendors; Customer approval of drawings, specs or procedures; Material receipt & qualification testing; Manufacturing; Fabrication; Inspections; Performance/ functional testing; and/or Shipment. WE WORK TO YOUR SCHEDULE TecnicaServ Group ’s expediting activities are organized to meet the requirements and timeline of our clients. We work to notify our clients immediately of all factors that might affect the timely delivery of their equipment or services. Since 2016, we’ve streamlined your delivery process

Mill Inspection & Surveillance

TecnicaServ provides Mill Inspection and Surveillance services by specialist inspectors who are technical experts, experienced in mill processes with in-depth knowledge of forming, welding, NDT, testing, threading, coatings, loading.

QA/QC Inspection & Expediting Commodities

Tubular Goods

Welded & Seamless Line Pipe, Bends, Anodes, OCTG, Drill Pipe, Test Strings, Risers, Flexibles, Umbilicals, Flowline

Wellhead and Down Hole Equipment

Control Heads, Spools, Adapters, Hangers, Christmas Trees, Preventers, Manifolds, Seal Assemblies, PLEMS, PLETS, Jumper Leads


Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Actuators, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Relief Valves

Flanges & Fittings

Bends, Tees, Crosses, Reducers, Compensation Bends, Expansion Bends, Bellows, Insulation Joints

Rotating Equipment

Turbines, Pumps, Compressors, Winches, Diesel Engines, Fans

Pressure Retaining, Heat Transfer and Process Equipment

Tanks, Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Burners, Sieves, Trays

Fabricated Structures

Drilling and Production Platforms, Jackets, Skids, Topsides, Launchers & Receivers, Cranes

Measurements and Control Equipment

Measuring and Metering Systems, Emergency Shut-Down Systems, Fire Fighting Units, Instrumentation, Computerised Production Systems
Electrical Equipment

Control Panels, Electrical Motors, Generators, Cables, Transformers, Batteries, Lighting


Construction Inspections

We offer complete oversight to construction activities for Owner’s by:

Review of key drawings, Procedures and field inspection & test plans in line with contract requirements.Monitor field engineering, erection, installation and mechanical completions activities

Monitor stored materials and preservation activities Oversight to start up, commissioning and initial operations.

Offshore – Supply of QC inspectors to monitor quality during pipelay and heavy-lift operations

Subsea – Supply of QC inspectors to monitor quality during subsea construction

Onshore – Supply of QC Inspectors to represent our Clients in any global location including pipelines, refineries and LNG plants


Secondment of specialized personnel’s
  • TecnicaServ offers a broad range of recruitment and work force management solution for the oil, gas, power generation and petrochemical industries. TecnicaServ experienced human resource team manages the interface between the client, project team and the secondees thereby relieving you to concentrate on other more critical areas of the project.
  • TecnicaServ global search capabilities and constantly updated database provide optimized candidate profiling and screening ensuring the best qualified candidates are put forward to the client for consideration. TecnicaServ specializes in the following Engineering discipline: Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, instrumentation & controls, Civil, Hook up & commissioning, Piping, Structural, Installation, HSE, Project engineering and Project management

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